3109 Bowen, Emanuel: A Complete Map of the Southern Continent. Survey´d by Capt. Abel Tasman & depicted by Order of the East India Company in Holland... 1744

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Oceania / South Pazific | Australia
Ozeanien / Australien
Bowen, Emanuel

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South Pazific | Australia

Bowen, Emanuel
Copperplate engraving
area coloured
47,6 x 37,4 cm

A Complete Map of the Southern Continent. As Surveyed by Capt. Abel Tasman & completed for East India Company in Amsterdam Holland. This is a fantastic example of an eighteenth century map of Australia. Western Australia is shown in good detail for the time, although further to the east is evidence of the lack of knowledge of this region at the time of publication. The top right text states that as it had been produced from a Dutch copper plate. As a result the original Dutch names been kept. It also states that it is based on actual discoveries and this is the reason for large portion of white space on the map. Comment is made to the discovery of Australia to dispel criticism that had been made at the time regarding its existence. The bottom right text provides a rich comparative explanation of the expectations of the flora and fauna that had been found by the British in similar latitudes around the world. Examples of gold and ivory found in Africa and silver found in modern day Peru are given to increase interest in this map and the area. At the bottom next to the title cartouche is a early description of ‘Van Dieman’s land’ which was the original name used by most Europeans for modern day Tasmania. The map also show some of the first European discoveries of New Zealand. Captain Abel Tasman was the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. This is before Captain James Cook would circumnavigate the Islands and provide a reasonably accurate description of the coastline in 1769-1770. Of particular note is Mordenaer Bay (Murders Bay) the name given to the bay after a tragic event. Four of Tasman's crew were killed, when a small boat that was passing between the two larger vessels of the expedition was rammed by the indigenous Maori. The Dutch responded by killing several of the Maori. Zertifikat Altea: The first printed map of Australia by an Englishman, although copied from Thevenot, published in the second edition of John Harris’ , Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels’. Bowen has added the Tropic of Capricorn and two texts: the upper block emphasises that no assumptions have been made, so white space abounds between New Guinea and Carpentaria, and between the mainland, Tasmania and New Zealand; the lower texts starts ,It is impossible to conceive a Country that promises fairer from its situation, than this of Terra Australia; no longer incognita, as this demonstrates...

Reference: Clancy: map 6.25, illus; Perry: p.60, plate 69.



Bowen, Emanuel
47,6 x 37,4 cm


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